You can connect to inner peace despite life's chaos & I want to show you how. Free weekly wisdom to heal from stress, retrain your brain & shift your mindset.
Dr. Romie's expertise is routinely shared in national media:
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sample-photo Healing & Counseling with Dr. Romie
by Dr. Romie on Jan 5, 2015
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"There is hope in healing. When we learn to conquer stress, we can create work-life balance and find joy in our lives. I guide clients to connect to inner peace despite external life chaos." -Dr. Romie

My Mission in Healing:

I want to bring hope back to your healing. My clients all share a similar story: successful professionals that have lost their way due to a health scare, a broken heart or a financial crisis. It manifests as stress-based diseases such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression or a stubborn muffin top. What is the real story? You don't feel like you are worthy? You don't know if you are good enough?  Or have you just lost hope for healing? I believe you can connect to inner peace despite life's external chaos. This is how we heal mind, body, and spirit.

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sample-photo Invite Dr. Romie To Speak
by Dr. Romie on Jan 1, 2015
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"Your mind is strong medicine, choose a positive thought" -Dr. Romie

Your mindset matters, and your personal health depends on it. Mindset Matters is Dr. Romie's innovative program based in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness. She is routinely invited to corporations, association meetings, women's groups, and retreats to present her life changing lectures.  All of her lectures and workshops are engaging, interactive, and will inspire you to take action.

Who is Dr. Romie?

Romila "Dr. Romie" Mushtaq, MD, ABIHM is neurologist who is also board certified in integrative medicine. She is also a mindfulness expert, who passionately shares humorous stories from personal life struggles and worldwide travels.  She also translates her knowledge of how the brain functions into compelling lectures.  Lectures are centered around the scientific evidence behind mindfulness based techniques like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.  

Can Dr. Romie really deliver?

Dr. Romie has given over 200 keynote and group lectures in her career.  She brings energy and a sense of intimacy to an audience, whether it's 30 people or 3000 in attendance.  Her mindful wisdom, medical knowledge, and charisma brings a unique perspective to health and wellness.

Dr. Romie's Expertise is featured regularly in National and Local Media

Dr. Romie's unique credentials as a board certified physician, certified life coach, and certified yoga/meditation teacher create highly sought after expertise.  She is a regular contributor to "Good Day Orlando" on Fox 35 News in Orlando, Fl.  Dr. Romie also regularly writes for The Huffinton Post and MindBodyGreen.  Her expertise has also been featured in Fox Business, Success Magazine, NPR, and Livestrong.

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Use Gratitude To Transform Your Relationships
Written by Dr. Romie on May 18, 2015
Mindful Living Tags: Self-EmpowermentMindset MattersMindful Livinggratitude

When was the last time you received genuine appreciation or gratitude from your boss or your partner?  If you had to furrow your brows, take a few breaths and try to are not alone. We all have been there.  

When I left my traditional medical job in Arizona, the CEO of the hospital thanked me for all the work I had done for patients with epilepsy including the children.  I began to cry, and the CEO started to shift in his seat uncomfortably while searching for a box of tissues.  I expressed to him that in over ten years in the traditional medical system, I had never had a boss, supervisor, or hospital administration express gratitude.  They were tears of joy as much as tears of shock.

When I work with corporate clients who are dealing with job-related stress as their biggest problem, I hear the same story.  It is common for them to state that they would forgo a pay raise or bonus during troubled economic times in lieu of simple and genuine gratitude from their superiors.

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How to Just Go With the Flow
Written by Dr. Romie on May 11, 2015
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Do you ever get stuck in what I call a "Romie-Brain-Freeze?"   I know this just not an occupational hazard of being a neurologist because most of the high functioning clients who work with me individually face the same challenge. What are symptoms of the "Romie-Brain-Freeze"?

No matter how much we try to plan, analyze, and control a situation- nothing turns out as we envisioned. It leaves us feeling frozen in our lives, our choices, and our emotion. Living in Orlando, it's impossible not to imagine hearing "Let It Go" cue up at the thought of the word "frozen". "Let it go", how appropriate for today's Mindful Monday lesson.  At some point when we let go; whether out of defeat, sheer exhaustion or Grace- that magic moment happens.  What is that magic moment?  The exhale of relief where we realize that all events have unfolded as they were meant to happen.

What does it mean to "go with the flow?"

The yoga teacher in me understands how living life "in the flow" feels.  It is that place in the asana practice where breath is gently guiding the body from one movement to another with ease.  Can we really live life in this manner?  And if so, how?

To "go with the flow and just let go" is not being lazy, disinterested, or disengaged.  Far from it.  To let go is to give your best effort, but not attach your happiness to the outcome.  Rather be at peace with the outcome knowing that success can be yours without feeling like you have to fight an uphill batter.

"Those who flow as life flows know that they need no other force." Lao Tzu

How do I know if I am in the flow or struggling?

Are you holding your breath?  Do you feel fatigued, tired or stressed?  You are not in the flow, in your zone, or in a state of peak performance.  When you are "in the flow" everything is happening with emotional and physical ease.  In a yoga pose, if something hurts, we say back out of the pose.  In life, if something hurts, back out of the circumstance until you feel ease.  

"You do not need to stress or stain to make things happen. If you try to control outcomes, you will miss what the Universe sends your way." James Van Praag

What are practical steps to just "go with the flow"?

1. Give up trying to control others or the situation.  Leaders guide and inspire others to greatness.  Managers try to micromanage the details.

2. If you feel uncomfortable, pain, or stress- back away from the situation physically and emotionally.  Do what it takes to calm yourself down.

3. Ask for another neutral perspective.  My dear friend Christine and I laugh at ourselves almost daily.  We can easily give each other business advice, but have a difficult time giving ourselves that same advice.  There is a reason it is easier to give someone else advice; you are not emotionally attached to their situation.  If you don't have a loving Christine in your life at this moment, ask yourself what advice would you give your best friend in the same situation?

I will hold an intention that as we all start our work-weeks today, we easily find that state of flow.  

Breathe and give your mind permission just to go with the flow.

Just Breathe,

Dr. Romie

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Prayer of Compassion on Mother's Day
Written by Dr. Romie on May 10, 2015
Mindful Living Tags: compassionPrayerSelf-Empowerment

A Prayer of Compassion for Childless Women on Mother's Day

To all the women of our global mindful living community, Happy Mother's Day. I hold a special prayer of compassion for women whose life led them down a different path. We face Mother's Day with judgement from others and worst of all ourselves. When judgement is present, whether it arises from self or others, darkness replaces the light of love in our hearts.

Let us heal with a prayer that compassion replaces the judgement in our hearts.

  • Let us share a prayer of compassion for the women who decided not to have children, yet must face difficult questions daily about why they chose not to have babies.
  • Let us share a prayer of compassion for the women who tried to have children, but lost hope to repeated miscarriages.
  • Let us share a prayer of compassion for the women tried to have children but were disappointed with failed infertility treatments.
  • Let us share a prayer of compassion for women who wanted to have children after marriage, but life still has them searching for a soulmate.
  • Let us share a prayer of compassion for women who nurtured demanding and successful careers only to find that the time to have children has passed.
  • Let us share a prayer of compassion for women who have given birth to children, but have lost them to illness, accidents, war, famine, or other unforeseen circumstances.  Know that your children are angels watching over you from Heaven.
  • Let us share a prayer of compassion for all the women who get up to face Mother's Day with judgement, sadness, or loneliness instead of love.  

When we release judgement, we open our hearts to love.

Let us share a prayer of compassion to all the women who woke up without someone to say Happy Mother's Day to them today.  

For you, I pray that you realize that you are loved.

With love and a prayer of compassion,
Dr. Romie

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How to Welcome Sleep
Written by Dr. Romie on May 4, 2015
Mind-body Medicine Tags: Holistic HealthMind-Body Medicinesleep

This week, let our #MindfulMonday mantra be:  “I welcome peaceful sleep”

Sleep, bringing up this issue is throwing a stink bomb in the room. We all have been there: disturbed sleep, lack of sleep, can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, don’t even want to think about sleep. Breathe.  This week let’s take a step to welcome peaceful sleep back into your life. The causes of insomnia seem infinite, and it may warrant a thorough medical examination.  

As a mind-body medicine physician and neurologist I cannot ignore the importance of the mind-body connection in sleeping. The first sign of a stressed out nervous system is disturbed sleep, and we all have been there…more than once. 

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4 Steps to Breathe Easier
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 27, 2015
Mind-body Medicine Tags: breatheHealthHolistic HealthIntegrative Nutrition

Do you just wish you could escape from your desk today?

I was in the middle of morning clients and was literally having difficulty breathing.  Over the last two weeks, I have been battling chemical pneumonitis- inflammation in the lungs from getting exposed to chemicals.  How ironic right?  My TEDx talk teaches the powerful secret of our breath, but somehow I lost the ability to breathe. 

My clients in the last week were no different.  Allergies, asthma, and anxiety were all causing difficulty breathing.  What is the integrative medicine approach to healing breathing difficulties?  We not only get to the root cause of the illness, but also treat the mind, body & spirit.

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