You can connect to inner peace despite life's chaos & I want to show you how. Free weekly wisdom to heal from stress, retrain your brain & shift your mindset.
Dr. Romie's expertise is routinely shared in national media:
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sample-photo Health Coaching & Counseling with Dr. Romie
by Dr. Romie on Jan 5, 2015
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"There is hope in healing. When we learn to conquer stress, we can create work-life balance and find joy in our lives. I guide clients to connect to inner peace despite external life chaos." -Dr. Romie

My Mission in Healing:

I bring hope to healing. We share a similar story - successful professionals that have lost their way due to a health scare, a broken heart or a financial crisis. It manifests as stress based diseases such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression or a stubborn muffin top. What is the real story? You don't feel like you are worthy? You don't know if you are good enough?  Or have you just lost hope for healing? I believe you can connect to inner peace despite life's external chaos. This is how we heal mind, body, and spirit.

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sample-photo Invite Dr. Romie To Speak
by Dr. Romie on Jan 1, 2015
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"Your mind is strong medicine, choose a positive thought" -Dr. Romie

Your mindset matters, and your personal health depends on it. Mindset Matters is Dr. Romie's innovative program based in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness. She is routinely invited to corporations, association meetings, women's groups, and retreats to present her life changing lectures.  All of her lectures and workshops are engaging, interactive, and will inspire you to take action.

Who is Dr. Romie?

Romila "Dr. Romie" Mushtaq, MD, ABIHM is a mind-body medicine physician, neurologist, and yogi, who passionately shares humorous stories from personal life struggles and worldwide travels.  She also translates her knowledge of how the brain functions into compelling lectures.  Lectures are centered around the scientific evidence behind mind-body medicine techniques like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.  

Can Dr. Romie really deliver?

Dr. Romie has given over 200 keynote and group lectures in her career.  She brings energy and a sense of intimacy to an audience, whether it's 30 people or 3000 in attendance.  Her mindful wisdom, medical knowledge, and charisma brings a unique perspective to health and wellness.

Dr. Romie's Expertise is featured regularly in National and Local Media

Dr. Romie's unique credentials as a board certified physician, certified life coach, and certified yoga/meditation teacher create highly sought after expertise.  She is a regular contributor to "Good Day Orlando" on Fox 35 News in Orlando, Fl.  Dr. Romie also regularly writes for The Huffinton Post and MindBodyGreen.  Her expertise has also been featured in Fox Business, Success Magazine, NPR, and Livestrong.

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sample-photo Photo: J. Alan Paul and CK Photography, Fargo, ND Watch Dr. Romie's TEDx Talk: The Powerful Secret of Your Breath
by Dr. Romie on Jul 1, 2014
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"How do we find our life purpose?  By connecting to our internal soul compass, and we do that through breath."   Dr. Romie at TEDxFargo  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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Is There A Cure For Fear?
Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 26, 2015
Mind Tags: AnxietyMindSelf-Empowerment

As a part of our global mindful living community, I know I am not alone in having to stand in the face of fear.  Tests appear in all of our lives, right? Maybe it is having to hear a diagnosis of chronic health issue, walking away from a stable paycheck to become an entrepreneur, or ending a relationship that is no longer filling your heart with love.  

What is the difference between the mindset of people who can stand up to those fears and those who buckle under the pressure?  It is not the lack of courage.  Courage lies deep within all of us, we just have to learn how to cultivate it during times of darkness.

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Mindfulness Improves Math & Social Skills in Children
Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 21, 2015
Mind-body Medicine Tags: mindfulnessBrainpowerBrain

Meditation gurus have known the impact of mindfulness beyond the meditation mat for centuries.

For the last few years, mindfulness is gaining attention in the news headlines and the scientific community. The health benefits of meditation for high blood pressure, sleep and depression are widely accepted in adults.  But what about our children? Is there a simple way to improve math scores in children without all the stress of complicated homework, tutors, test anxiety?

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Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 20, 2015
Mind Mindful Living Tags: mindfulnessMindful LivingMind-Body MedicineMeditation

What is mindfulness?  Why Should I be mindful?

I describe mindfulness in two simple words:  “pay attention”.  When we pay attention with all of our senses, we are then present in the current moment.  By being in the current moment, our minds are not ruminating about the past or worried about the future.  Modern psychology defines mindfulness as “bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis.”

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How Can We Release Our Worries?
Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 19, 2015
Mind Tags: AnxietyMeditationMood Disorder

"Worrying is betting against yourself"

This past month I was inspired by one of my clients who is an elementary school teacher at a school where financial and social challenges weigh heavily on the young children.  She created a "Worry Jar" with empty pieces of paper next to it and placed it on her desk.  At the start of the school day, she reminded students to write down any worries (anonymously) to get rid of them out of their minds.  She would then "throw their worries" away.  Initially, the children were shy to come up and take a piece of paper, because no one wanted to admit they were the "only person" who worried.  

The next morning everyone got a piece of paper at their desk with the instructions to write one thing that was worrying them that day.  It was no surprise that everyone (teacher included)started to feverishly scribbled their worries away. The lesson is everyone has worries- small, big, or overwhelming.  

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Do You Need A Brain Break?
Written by Dr. Romie on Jan 29, 2015
Mind Tags: BrainBrainpowerMind

Is it time for a brain break this afternoon?

Do you reach that point in the afternoon where you feel like you are dragging a little bit?  It is about that time in the afternoon where we all start to lose a little focus, slow down, and maybe even get distracted by Twitter (guilty as charged!).

It is too easy to reach for chips, processed foods and coffee.  I welcome you stop and give yourself a brain break.  What is a brain break?  It is giving your brain permission to rest and refuel through nutrition, mindfulness, and shifting your mindset.

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