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Happy Earth Day: Easy & Mindful Steps to Honor Mother Earth
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 22, 2016
Mindful Living Tags: communityMindful Living

How is celebrating Earth Day practicing mindfulness?

In 1970, the first Earth Day gave voice to an emerging consciousness that channeled awareness towards environmental issues. Mindfulness is being present in the current moment. Mindful living encompasses being present in our surroundings with the same energy of compassion, gratitude and love.

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3 Secrets To Overcoming Emotional Eating
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 15, 2016
Mind Tags: Weight LossIntegrative NutritionHolistic Healthemotional resilienceemotional eating

What are you craving right now?

Tell me, what do crave in those moments? You know "those moments."

In a world of mindfulness, the goal is to live in the present moment without judgement to attachment.

"Those moments" are created by situations in our lives that trigger negative emotions in our brains. With negative emotions such as depression, fear, anxiety, or guilt it can be difficult to detach from the story, situation, and our associated moods. My go-to food in those moments are centered around vitamin C.  Not citrus. Chocolate.

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A Healer's Prayer: A Course In Miracles
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 8, 2016
Mindful Living Tags: intentionsMeditationmindfulnessPrayer

The Healer's Prayer originates from the text of "A Course In Miracles."

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National Women Physicians Day: Finding Hope As A Female Doctor
Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 2, 2016
Mindful Living Tags: physician burnoutNWPDfemale physiciandoctor

"There are three types of humans: men, women, and women physicians." - Sir William Osler

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How to Connect to Hope
Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 2, 2016
Mind Tags: SpiritualitySelf-EmpowermentMindful LivinghopeConfidence

Have you lost hope in your life?  Maybe you have lost that light of hope to succeed in your business?  Or perhaps you are not sure there is hope for you to find your soulmate.  You may not be sure if there is hope for healing from your health issues?

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