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Written by Dr. Romie on Oct 16, 2013
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I thought I would feel out of place in a room full of the country’s top advertising executives, creative directors, and marketing gurus when I came to join the 3% conference in San Francisco.  I am a neurologist, mind-body medicine physician, and a gluten free meditating yogi in high heels.

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Written by Dr. Romie on Sep 20, 2013
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My intention for adding the title “Beauty” to my blog and brand was truly about my long (and sometimes painful) journey to look inside of my heart, to find my authentic Romie voice, and to continue to seek a deeper spirituality.  

It may seem “off message” to be talking about a beauty pageant.  This may or may not surprise you, but I grew up watching Miss America and other beauty pageants on television.  I have a couple of dear girlfriends that are past pageant queens, and their true beauty lies in their hearts of gold.   I am not here to bash the pageant industry, but I honestly didn’t think I would ever blog about it, until this week.

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Written by Dr. Romie on Sep 8, 2013
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Joy?  Joy was a remote island in my mind.  On a call cycle, I could never seem to turn off that forever running “to-do” list in my mind.  Even if I wrote the to-do list down in the morning or the evening, it was on a permanent shuffle in my mind.  How do we turn it off?  Like any other habit that has to be changed, it takes practice for the brain to rewire old thinking patterns and more than one night of practice.  I tried journaling, deep breathing, and guided meditation.  And then this exercise touched my heart and my mind.

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Written by Dr. Romie on Aug 26, 2013
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You may have been flipping through the tabs of this website thinking, hmmmm. It’s all put together, catchy, and polished. Like so many other mind-body medicine physicians, this one is talking passionately about nutrition, lifestyle, and whatever else they can sell online. Oh, this Dr. Romie may be one of these doctors who knows what she is talking about. Now she is going to tell me how she figured it out in all those years of her medical training.

Girl, seriously, I’m not polished, pulled together, nor did I figure out any of the knowledge I am passionate about sharing in medical school. In fact, whatever I get to share with you, I learned despite being in the medical profession for the last 15 years. No, I am not here to slap the face of physicians. I am alive today because of the brilliance of a cardiothoracic surgeon. My father and one of my brothers are physicians. I just don’t feel like wearing a white coat and going into a hospital is my role in life anymore. Most of my childhood friends in Danville, Illinois will tell you it was never my role.

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