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A Healer's Prayer: A Course In Miracles
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 8, 2016
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The Healer's Prayer originates from the text of "A Course In Miracles."

When I started my personal healing journey as a healer, I had the blessing to travel the world learning about prayer and meditation in various cultures, religions, and spiritual practices of others.  One of my spiritual teachers and dear friend, Alan Cohen, provided the biggest gift to me in the form of "The Healer's Prayer."

The Healer's Prayer is found in Chapter 2 of the text of "A Course In Miracles."  As a newer student to ACIM, "The Course" as it is affectionately known has shifted the course of my own life.

I use "The Healer's Prayer" prior to each counseling session with my clients, prior to speaking, and prior to appearing in the media.  It immediately grounds me in the present moment and helps me to connect to Grace.

My intention for sharing one of my personal practices is to provide you with additional tools for healing for yourself and those that you meet in the course of your own life.

With love and prayers,

Dr. Romie


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