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Calling All Peacemakers: Stop The Violence
Written by Dr. Romie on Jul 8, 2016
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"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."  Matthew 5:9

You are here in this moment for a reason. You may be a regular reader of my blog, or coming to the website for the first time.


Welcome to the Zen Den. We all come together to leave the drama, trauma and stress at the door. Our intention is to connect to inner peace to improve our health and well being. 

Today, however, I am calling upon the Peacemakers for a different reason. At this moment, that is you.

Mindful Living to Heal The Violence

If you have been on this journey with me for the last 2 1/2 years, we are a part of a collective global mindful living community affectionately known as the peacemakers of the Zen Den.  We focus on bringing mindful medicine to improving brain, mental, and physical health. 

My intention for myself and others is that we take these mindful practices such as meditation to create self-awareness and self-development.  We have spent time understanding ourselves and our health.  

It is time to shift to understand how to be of service to others, especially in times of turmoil.  Mindful living is taking this awareness and applying the peace to our collective consciousness. 


We Have Blinded Ourselves In Darkness

In the last one week in the United States, the dark side of the collective consciousness has risen in the form of racism and violence.  Once again, we are watching video documenting the horrific scenes of police officers in two separate cities killing innocent men for no other reason than the color of their skin.  I am still haunted by the sound of Alton's son sobbing during a national press conference.  

Without time to process the atrocity of loss of human life, peaceful protests in Dallas transformed into brutal violence with the execution and harm of police officers who were killed in the line of duty.

Where does violence come from in our consciousness?

The potential of violence exists within all human beings.  There is a fine line between a survival instinct and targeted violence, and that fine line is where darkness resides. Fear will not negate the fear. We are at a dangerous tipping point watching politicians and people with media savvy using fear mongering to shore up further hate.

Believe me when I say, I am not lost in a spiritual woo-woo whack-a-doo land of unicorns, pixie dust, and rainbows. I am deteremined that we, as a nation, need to have important dialogue on policy changes, healing implicit bias, cultural diversity, and racism. None of these things can happen until we first come to a place of peace.

"Violence only begets violence.  
Fear begets fear.
Darkness begets darkness."

I am calling upon you, the peacemakers to turn on the light.

As a physician and yogi, I find people become scared and run back into their workplace, the yoga studio or hide under the covers in bed.   A common phrase is, "I don't follow the news; it is all negative..."  If we remain in blissful ignorance, we only allow the darkness to expand like a cancerous growth of our consciousness.  Healers, spiritual teachers, yogis, lovers all must come together to help humanity shift out of darkness.

1. Ignorance is not blissful
Understand the facts through compassionate and non-violent dialogue.  This often means understanding that your news source is not your friends on social media, but reading the news from another tribe member's point of view.  To read a powerful testimony to understand why "Black Lives Matters" to all of us CLICK HERE

2. Connect to your inner peace FIRST
You and I have been together long enough in this zen den that we have walked through a journey of learning meditation, walking in nature, coloring mandalas in adult coloring books, or just stopping to BREATHE.  Whatever it takes to connect to your inner peace, go there. In order to spread peace, we must first make peace with ourselves.  Take as long as you need.  Be still, dance, or cry.  Once we find peace within ourselves, we are ready to help spread the peace in our communities.

3. Take your special recipe of love and share the elixir with the world
You have spent years training as a yogi, energy medicine healer, life coach, reiki master, or love guru.  You have a special awesome sauce elixir that raises the vibe of your tribe.  There is no holding back now, share it everywhere you go.  In fact, go places that you normally don't travel.  Set up a yoga class in an inner city school or community center.  Teach a guided meditation class at a senior center.  Spread your love.  Love is not perfect, marketed in a sleek package or coming through an online sales funnel.  Love is you sharing the abundance of Grace that is flowing through you to help another human being feel heard, seen, and loved.

4.  Encourage compassionate dialogue and non-violence  

One of my spiritual counsel members, Reverend Dr. Walter Sims, is holding the intention for a day of non-violence in the United States. How can we all take part in this? Start where you are, in your home, workplace or religious community. We all spend the day thinking of what we want to say (heck as a professional speaker and media personality- I am guilty as charged).  Today, can you make a promise to be quiet and listen?  Our brothers and sisters are hurting.  Allow someone a safe place to speak to you, and just listen.  The practice is called gracious listening.  Listen with your heart, do not formulate an answer in your mind.  When there is a pause in the conversation, take a deep breath and say, "tell me more..."

When we listen with our hearts, love is shared.  I will never stop believing that Love always wins...even in these the most darkest times.

Keep spreading love,
Dr. Romie


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