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Written by Dr. Romie on Aug 26, 2013
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Photo: "Good Eats" by B.C. Lorio http://www.flickr.com/photos/ackniculous

What are you craving today? Did you give in? If you could hear my inner food critics right now, they have been at it since this morning: IHOP’s stack of pancakes and I thought, I'm fasting, running errands, working, and maybe a little hypoglycemic.

I've been eating "clean" all month. My nutrition plan calls for following the 80-20 rule; or the 1 of 7 day rule. It honestly depends how emotionally stressed I am. At least 6/7 days a week or 80% of the time, I eat a low glycemic index diet. Meals are primarily protein, fruit, vegetables, little or no carbs. If there are carbs on the plate, its brown rice, quinoa, or something else that cost too much money at Whole Foods. Then there is the one day a week that I allow myself a little extra carbs: gluten free brownies or tortilla chips with hummus. But of course, nothing out of control. In fact, I have been in control of this lifestyle change for almost one year. So from where did the pancake monster arise?

As I write this to put out there in the universe, I am ashamed. I’m an integrative medicine physician; I am supposed to turn my nose up at processed carbs and sugar. It’s evil, promotes inflammation and leads to diabetes, depression, and death.

Really that left brain rationale is doing nothing for me now.

I've had my gluten free dinner. I have been drinking freshly squeezed juice every day. I can’t let it go. Pancakes? Really!!!

Please don't send me recipes for gluten free pancakes. I've tried two different types of mixes; it wasn't worth the overpriced rice flour at ‎Whole Foods‬. And this is not the blog post that I am going to launch into neither the science of cravings nor the psychology of carbohydrates.

I am just putting this out there in the universe. How to get over the carb cravings? There is a part of me that is ready in my pajamas to go to IHOPs; and for those of you who know me personally, I would do it. Take the picture with my iPhone and tell you how much I miss you with me watching me stuff my face.

Left brain analysis:
PROS: give into my cravings with the butter pecan syrup. YUM
CONS: look like crazy lady in my PJs (actually this should be a pro. You can go to IHOP’s in your PJs and look normal), the real con is, gluten = migraine headaches. It's not worth chasing the pancakes with a Maxalt.

So, did I give into my Carb craves? No, I’m going to go and drink more water and raid my pantry for gluten free carbs.

I’ll try some of the spiritual techniques I am learning to coach clients into lifestyle change.

Dr. Romie: What is the thought?

Carb Craving Romie: I want those pancakes at IHOPs-harvest grain wheat with butter pecan syrup.

Dr. Romie: Whose thought is that really?

Carb Craving Romie: Ashamed to admit that it is firmly planted in my brain.

Dr. Romie: Why are you ashamed?

Carb Craving Romie: I should know better. . .

Dr. Romie: What should you know better?

Carb Craving Romie: I should know better and I am going to stop this one person psycho-analysis. I am going to get pancakes. It’s been 48 hours; it’s a sign from the universe. In order to blog about being healthy-healthy, means giving in without guilt once in a while.

So I ask my readers: What are you craving today?

Did you give in?

Do you feel guilty about it? Why?

Cravings become cravings because we are feeling guilty, feeling denied, or just a memory of something triggered. I finally figured if I let go of the guilt, and thought where this craving came physically come from? I’m a little run down and hypoglycemic. I send the guilt away. I send over-analytical Dr. Romie’s left brain away. I open the pantry and decide to make gluten free brownies. (Thank you Betty Crocker). Just stirring the batter (and licking some of it off the spoon) was enough to abolish the guilt. By the time I put the pan in the oven, the craving was gone.

I stop myself from analyzing that I need more “healthy fats” during the day to stave off these feelings of hypoglycemia. I’ll worry about that the other 80% of the time.

Tomorrow is another day, in fact why wait until tomorrow? Start at the next meal. For now, I realize that it is okay to lose control and give into a craving. No guilt. That’s my gooey chocolaty mantra for today. No guilt.

What would you do today if you let go of the guilt?


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