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Finding Love In Post-Election Fear
Written by Dr. Romie on Nov 21, 2016
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"A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love"

- A Course In Miracles

Fear hijacked my brain post-election

I have been struggling emotionally after the presidential election in the United States, how about you?  To be honest, in my role as a healer, physician, and mindfulness teacher others around me expected me to hold a positive attitude. I didn't even have a chance to process the results before I was whisked away into the news studios to teach others to calm their stress. Once out of the news studios, I started fielding phone calls from clients, friends, their children, and teachers needing comfort and advice. 

Privately, fear had hijacked my brain. I haven't slept well for two weeks. My heart continues to hurt with news reports of children being bullied for "being different" post-election. My clients have heightened post-election depression and anxiety. Our country, communities, and families remain divided. I was sitting in fear that I was living in a delusion with my treatment mantra, "love is the ultimate healer."

How do we find love in fear?

1. Reach out to someone else in need of love

Despite her own worries and fears, a friend reached out and asked how I was feeling. We are not alone in our suffering, even though fear is a powerful tool of isolation. Rather than reaching out to someone to dump your fears on them, allow someone else to feel supported. How do we do that amidst our own fears?  It was as simple as my friend saying, "what can I do to help you?"

2. Be present in the presence of unconditional love

We drove to and from the beach talking about our fears over the post-election results, only occasionally remembering to be present to listen to the sounds of the ocean, the birds waddling on the beach, or her two-year-old daughter grasping grains of sands in her fists. Sensing we needed an extra dose of love, my friend's daughter ran up and gave me an extra tight bear hug around my legs.  It was as if every ounce of fear released out of my legs into the ground below us.

3. Don't let fear drown out the love around you.

The love doesn't disappear when we are sitting in fear; we only fail to focus on the love. I made an intention to look for the signs of love at least once per hour today.  This morning I listened to the birds singing in the trees during my walk.  I laughed when my dog rolled around in the grass.  I welcomed an extra long hug from my first client at our clinic.  
Remembering love shut off the fear, even if it was for a few short seconds.  

"Fear is only a mask over our love, we can chose to remove this mask at any time."

And in this space of love, I started to find healing.

How will you share your love today?  

A prayer of love,


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