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Let Go of 2016: Intentional Living in 2017
Written by Dr. Romie on Dec 30, 2016
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“Setting intentions means to set a goal that is alignment with our spirit. To live intentionally and mindfully, we start with a positive intention.”   Dr. Romie

My heart is full of gratitude that you shared your journey with me this past year. We may have met  online, at one of my speaking engagements, through Twitter, or through individual counseling.

I hold the intention that you have moved forward in your journey towards health, happiness and connecting to hope this past year.  

Have you had challenging moments, loss, or unexpected and uncomfortable shifts?  You are not alone.


I am writing this blog post as I returned from a successful digital detox at the Sivananda Ashram and Yoga Retreat Center in the Bahamas. After practicing meditation, Kirtan, and yoga for six days, there was no struggle in unplugging. I needed the time to reflect the year behind us. In order to reflect, I needed to remove digital distractions. Can you try the same?  Even if it is for a few hours?

I too had unexpected relationship shifts personally and professionally. Looking back, I see the losses were an opportunity to clear up emotional space and time. In the place of loss arrived lessons, emotional resilience, and adventurous dating stories.


As I learned at the ashram, in Ayurvedic astrology calendar, 2016 was a "9 Year" in the nine-year cycles. This signifies a year of clearing space for what no longer serves us.  2017 is a time to plant the seeds for new intentions, projects, and relationships. That helped me connect to hope, how about you?

As we set intentions for the coming year, I wanted to give you mindfulness-based exercises to help you reflect on the previous year and set meaningful intentions for your health, personal life, and professional life in the year to come.  In working with me, you know that my core principle is that when we change our mindset, we change the course of our health and lives.


“When we adopt an attitude of gratitude, our blessings multiply.”  Dr. Romie

1. Did you have a word or mantra for the year in 2016?  Think of a few examples of how your life modeled this word or mantra.

2. What goals or dreams were fulfilled in 2016?

3.  Who are three people that supported you in 2016?  Have you acknowledged the role they played in your life?


“A universal law of spiritual psychology is ‘what we resist, persists.’ When we recognize a pattern of thoughts or limiting beliefs in our mind, we now have the tools to overcome perceived obstacles in our lives.”  Dr. Romie

1.  What aspect of your life most challenged you in 2016?  (i.e.,  nutrition, personal relationships, finances, etc.)

2. What lesson did you learn from this challenge?

3.  What limiting belief, negative thought or memories are you ready to let go from your mind and your life?


“Setting intentions means to set a goal that is alignment with our spirit. To live intentionally and mindfully, we start with a positive intention.”   Dr. Romie

1. How do you want to feel about your personal health and life in 2017?

2. How do you want to feel about your professional life in 2017?

3.  Take those feelings and write down your intentions for your life in 2017.  Try to write one intention for every key area of your life: relationships, professional life, finances, living environment, spirituality, physical health, emotional health, and your life purpose. 


Neuroscience and positive psychology studies teach us that brain plasticity is affected by our thoughts and the words that we speak. Let’s work together to create a positive affirmation to create positive change in your life. If you change your mindset, you will change your life. Start by naming the change you are setting an intention for in 2017. 

Now create an affirmative statement like you have achieved this already. Use positive, concrete and specific terms.
 An example is, “I am eating five servings of fruits and vegetables daily” instead of “I am eating healthy.” 
• Pick one change that is most important to you for 2015. 
• Create your affirmation starting with the phrase: “I am _______” or “I have ______”

• Write down this affirmation in a place that you will see it daily. Repeat this affirmation daily for 30 days. 

I hold intention the the transition from 2016 to 2017 is a time that you will allow yourself to let go and be free of attachments.  Being attached to what no longer serves us causes pain and suffering.  I hold intention that you are able to connect within and create an intentional life for yourself.

Happy New Year,

Dr. Romie


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