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Log On. Rise Up. My Birthday Wish for All My Sisters
Written by Dr. Romie on May 23, 2017
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I know what it feels like to question if I may wake up breathing again.  Every morning I am awakened by my four-legged alarm clock, Rahja.  His doggy breath and pawing at the side of my bed means it is time reach over to pet him while being mindful and give gratitude for the first conscious breath I take each morning.   Every week this morning, as I sat connected to breath,  I contemplate how to age mindfully. Will you join me in my Birthday celebration?  

Kindness is Not Extinct.

I walk on this Earth connected to a mission larger than myself;  spread a message of healing by bridging medicine and mindfulness.  I am also a part of the collective suffering- feeling hurt that our country and the world are divided by political lines, religious wars, and gender inequality.  

Since the US elections in late 2016, I estimate that I have spoken to over 12,000 people live through speaking engagements. I found hope again.  When I ask, do you believe that kindness and compassion are still at the core of our beings?  Every hand in the audience raises in the light of Grace.  

I am my sisters' keeper

As a brain doctor specializing in integrative medicine, our job is to get to the root cause of someone's illness and treat the whole person.  Health in mind, body, and spirit cannot be achieved, when an individual does not have access to a safe living environment, clean drinking water, education, or the ability to use their voice.  

Our sisters in the United States and around the world lack of access to education & healthcare, or are combatting gender-based violence, human trafficking, and economic insecurity.  How can you and I thrive when our collective sisterhood is suffering?

Log On. Rise Up.

As I meditated at the ashram over the holidays I kept praying, show me how to be of service.  The Universal cosmic force worked faster than my lost luggage showing back up in Orlando.  While my dirty yoga clothes may have been lost, my sisters in 190 countries found me through World Pulse.  I'd like to introduce you to this sisterhood, welcome to World Pulse.

Palpate the World Pulse

World Pulse exists on the mission to create a world where all women thrive.  By giving women a safe social platform, they are able to create social change. Every voice deserves to be heard, including yours. 

My Wish For All My Sisters

We all deserve to find and share our voice.  You have inspired me with your stories that have you shared when I met you during my speaking tour or in the clinic.  

Will you log on and rise up?  Join the community at World Pulse to share your story or encourage sisters around the world by reading their stories. 

And for all the men in our community, thank you for all that you do for your mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, and female colleagues.  Will you share this message with them?

Dr. Romie Mushtaq, MD is honored to be named to the board of World Pulse.  World Pulse is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where all women thrive.  The social network empowers women to use the social network for social change, and it impacts over 2.9 million lives in 190 countries.  Global partners of World Pulse include UN Women, Google, and Facebook.


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