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#OrlandoStrong: Why Thoughts & Prayers Are Important
Written by Dr. Romie on Jun 21, 2016
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It has been a little over one week, and I want you to know that I love you.

I want to write to you today to let you know; you made a BIG difference. Yes, you.

I am writing this email from Orlando, Florida to tell you, thank you.  


I woke up early that Sunday morning to pray and meditate before sunrise.

I was also having chest pain- it was the intuitive kind of chest pain that told me something was wrong.  The rest of the day and week is still a blur. I saw the news at 5am wondering when I saw #OrlandoShooting and #PrayForOrlando trending on Twitter. I tried to find my gay friends and worried.  I felt relieved that my friends who normally go to Pulse are okay.  Then I felt guilty to be relieved.  I went into full mental and physical shock when the actual details emerged. I had to go to the news station to teach others on how to cope on air while holding back my own tears. The numbness started to lift while I was being hugged at a vigil with 50,000 other people at Lake Eola. Through it all, I somehow found connection with Grace to counsel friends, colleagues, and clients who are also in pain.  


Initially, I could not step away from the news coverage, how about you? Research shows that this is a normal response after a crisis. I want you to know the constant streaming tweets, Facebook messages, emails, and phone calls sending heartfelt prayers of love and support made a difference. When you put your love, care, and sincerity into thoughts and prayers, those thoughts and prayers helped to shift the collective consciousness.

How did your thoughts and prayers shift consciousness?  

1. You all helped us get off the couch where we were feeling numb.
2. You gave us permission to cry by providing a collective shoulder to lean on.
3. You allowed us to be shocked, disturbed, and sad, but then inspired us to turn that anger into action.
4. You reminded us we are not alone in Orlando. In fact communities from across the globe reminded us with vigils, songs, cards, and videos that #WeAreOrlando.


In the darkest of times on planet Earth, we are reminded that we are all one collective community.

Race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious preference are superficial dividing lines. In truth, the over 7 billion people on this Earth are all one community, this is the concept behind mindfulness and mindful living.

The horrific terror attack and hate crime on the LGBTQ community is a muddy darkness where there is an absence of truth, the absence of Grace, the absence of God.

The collective one came together to turn on the light. The light bridging communities is Love.  Just think about one of your family members right now whom you love.  You don't need them standing in front of you say, "I love you" at all times to feel loved, correct? They could be away at the office, across the country or transitioned to Heaven- and you still feel the love.  True love knows no boundaries of time and space.

This is how after the darkness of the terror attack, we all felt lifted up in light.  I don't personally know the thousands of people in our global mindful living community.  However, I could feel the love pulsating through your emails, tweets, Facebook messages, cards and phone calls.  This feeling of love and support is echoed by all that I meet in Orlando.

"The terror attack in Orlando shows us humanity at its worst, the response shows us humanity at its best"  Scott Cuthbertson via Twitter


1. Love is the man who drove over 1000 miles with homemade crosses honoring all of the victims.
2. Love is standing in line for hours to donate blood.
3. Love is hugging, feeding and thanking all of the first responders at the scene and in the hospital.
4. Love is people of all faiths going to their collective churches, temples, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship to say a prayer for Orlando.

The employees in our clinic, clients I counseled, colleagues at the local news station all feel the same thing.  Seeing your positive notes about peace, love, and unity on social media, emails, and text messages helped to elevate our consciousness.
Your acts of love inspired us to remember that we are all one community, and when we unite is love- healing can occur.


It is important to first process the emotions of shock, sadness, grief and fear before acting.  Sincere intentions and prayers help our collective "One" community to heal. Once we have healed, we can think about action.

I want to remind you, it has only been a little over one week. We are all still attending funerals and memorial services for the 49 victims. We are still praying for other victims who are in the hospital. First responders are just finishing up processing the horrific crime scene. Our action right now is taking the love that filled our hearts and honoring those whom lost life or were hurt.

Debating politics and policies can pull people back into the darkness of fear and feeling helpless. Anywhere I go, fellow Orlandians are happier to see words of love, peace and affirmation in emails, text messages, social media and on television.

Please don't misunderstand me, action in our personal lives, in our families, and in our communities is essential.  

But without healing first, the typical action is reaction rather than an action that can be force of change.


There are many websites where you can donate money to help the victims, and if your heart is moved to do so, please contribute.

I want to empower you to continue sharing your sincere thoughts and prayers to uplift our collective consciousness.

1. So please, keep posting messages of love, light, peace and unity.  This is how we spread light in a time of darkness.  
2. Hold the feeling of love in your heart.
3. Read a prayer of love for the 49 victims.
4. Share a mindful intention from this loving-kindness meditation with yourself, your community, and humanity.
5. Share the loving-kindness meditation.

Remember that you, yes you make a difference.  It only takes one light to shine in the darkness.  Together, our collective light will replace the darkness.

Believe in love.
Choose love.
Spread love.
Send a prayer of love.
Love unconditionally.

Thank you.  I love you.  We all love you.  

We are all #OrlandoStrong

Dr. Romie







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