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Written by Dr. Romie on Sep 20, 2017
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I find my high-performing executive clients and I share a similar struggle.  Balancing meetings, travel, and some semblance of a personal life can drain our energy reserves.  How about you?

Are you drinking several cups to a pot of coffee but still not quite feeling energized? Why does that happen?

When we're consuming large amounts of caffeine, we get a temporary high and focus and then crash really hard. Consuming excess amounts of caffeine boosts our inflammatory chemicals in the body and the brain. We tend to crave sugars, have difficulty focusing, and it just fuels the busy brain problem all over again. If our coffee is sweetened with sugary flavors, we experience the sugar high and crash much more quickly. It is okay; I am not here to judge, I am stoked that Pumpkin Spice lattes are back in season.

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Spring Break for Your Brain
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 1, 2015
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Twice in the twelve months, I have scheduled time off only to arrive at a hotel with looming deadlines, unanswered emails from clients, and speeches to prepare.  It seemed like a much-needed scheduled break was getting in the way of the never-ending to-do lists in my brain.  Looking at my Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, I see that I am not alone.

Time for Spring Break?
It’s that time of the year in the when families are celebrating Spring Break with their children out of school.  Whether it’s time for scheduled vacation or finding care for kids while you still work, stress levels can escalate leaving us all feeling less than our best selves.  

Even the best-laid plans or intentions can lead us to a point of high stress, anxiety or a feeling like you are in a brain fog. When we schedule vacations, we cannot anticipate positive or negative events such as landing your “next big client” or losing an employee on your team.  

Then we feel guilty about not having adequate organizational systems in place in our business or home lives.  Being chained to work email during a vacation only fuels resentment instead of relaxation.  Sound familiar?

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Mindfulness Improves Math & Social Skills in Children
Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 21, 2015
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Meditation gurus have known the impact of mindfulness beyond the meditation mat for centuries.

For the last few years, mindfulness is gaining attention in the news headlines and the scientific community. The health benefits of meditation for high blood pressure, sleep and depression are widely accepted in adults.  But what about our children? Is there a simple way to improve math scores in children without all the stress of complicated homework, tutors, test anxiety?

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Do You Need A Brain Break?
Written by Dr. Romie on Jan 29, 2015
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Is it time for a brain break this afternoon?

Do you reach that point in the afternoon where you feel like you are dragging a little bit?  It is about that time in the afternoon where we all start to lose a little focus, slow down, and maybe even get distracted by Twitter (guilty as charged!).

It is too easy to reach for chips, processed foods and coffee.  I welcome you stop and give yourself a brain break.  What is a brain break?  It is giving your brain permission to rest and refuel through nutrition, mindfulness, and shifting your mindset.

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Staying Mindful Under Pressure: Energize Your Body and Brain
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 4, 2014
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  Stress in an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives. I often start by asking corporate and coaching clients,  “how I can help with their stress management? “ The answer is always the same, looking to change external factors.  “Get rid of my demanding boss.”  “Get me a pay raise so I can pay bills.” 

  How we perceive and cope with stress is what determines our health, state of mind, and success.  The answer is to look within, a mindful approach.  This helps us to reset our threshold for how we handle external stress.  When we are feeling stressed, our minds work in a fog and our bodies move at a slower pace.  This is what slows down our day and gets in the way of time management.  How can we conquer stress to boost our brainpower during our work days?  Here are mindful living tips to energize your body and refocus the mind.

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