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Written by Dr. Romie on Sep 20, 2017
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I find my high-performing executive clients and I share a similar struggle.  Balancing meetings, travel, and some semblance of a personal life can drain our energy reserves.  How about you?

Are you drinking several cups to a pot of coffee but still not quite feeling energized? Why does that happen?

When we're consuming large amounts of caffeine, we get a temporary high and focus and then crash really hard. Consuming excess amounts of caffeine boosts our inflammatory chemicals in the body and the brain. We tend to crave sugars, have difficulty focusing, and it just fuels the busy brain problem all over again. If our coffee is sweetened with sugary flavors, we experience the sugar high and crash much more quickly. It is okay; I am not here to judge, I am stoked that Pumpkin Spice lattes are back in season.

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4 Steps to Breathe Easier
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 27, 2015
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Do you just wish you could escape from your desk today?

I was in the middle of morning clients and was literally having difficulty breathing.  Over the last two weeks, I have been battling chemical pneumonitis- inflammation in the lungs from getting exposed to chemicals.  How ironic right?  My TEDx talk teaches the powerful secret of our breath, but somehow I lost the ability to breathe. 

My clients in the last week were no different.  Allergies, asthma, and anxiety were all causing difficulty breathing.  What is the integrative medicine approach to healing breathing difficulties?  We not only get to the root cause of the illness, but also treat the mind, body & spirit.

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Mindful Mantra: Connect To Your Breath
Written by Dr. Romie on Aug 5, 2014
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This week, let our mindful mantra be: “Connect To Your Breath”

     When I first heard this phrase in yoga classes, meditation and breath workshops, I giggled.  As a physician, I thought it was silly to “connect to breath,” because we are breathing all day long, or we would not be alive.  Then as I deepened my meditation and pranayama practices, I realized the difference.  We are rarely aware of our breathing patterns.  Paying attention to our breathing patterns is a cornerstone of mindfulness-based practices.  As I advance my studies and understanding of the mind-body connection in healing, I discovered there is science behind the mindfulness and controlling our breathing.

     It is easy to be sitting in a zen space like a yoga studio or ancient temple in Thailand monitoring our breath.  I tried to welcome the practice into my daily life by adding meditation to my morning routine when I’d first wake up.  That would all fall by the wayside if the pager went off, or if I am up all night with a writing deadline.

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