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Friendships: Key to Teenager's Mental Health
Written by Dr. Romie on Aug 16, 2016
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In a world where our teens speak an entire sentence with a single emoji, getting them to make eye contact may seem like an impossible task.  Making social connections is the one key to put them on the road to health and success in school.

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How To Survive #DigitalDetox on Vacation
Written by Dr. Romie on Jun 15, 2015
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I have a dirty digital confession: I failed the #DigitalDetox I preach.  

Last month I was gifted the opportunity to take a well-needed break on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.   It was one of the first prolonged breaks I have taken since I started on this journey as a solo-entrepreneur.  I proudly and quickly announced that I was scheduling a few social media posts, but otherwise checking out.  My digital detox lasted for the duration of the flights from Orlando to Kona and promptly ended prior to my iPhone reaching baggage claim.

I completely failed my attempt at digital detox while I was on vacation last month.  Failure is such a harsh word, but I was in Hawaii at a spiritual retreat. I would wake up when you are at 3 am and start checking email, my twitterfeed  (yes that is really me responding), there is a problem. It is difficult to admit because I regularly recommend digital detox to our entire global mindful living community.

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