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Written by Dr. Romie on Aug 26, 2013
Mind-body Medicine Tags: HormonesIntegrative NutritionNutritionWeight Loss
Photo: Fresh Coconut. R. Mushtaq. Bali, Indonesia

It’s hard not to get caught up in the natural health trends. The last couple of years a forerunner has been the nutrition miracles regarding using coconut oil for all its various health benefits. I did especially when I saw the virgin coconut oil on sale in bulk at Costco. It made my veggies all taste spectacular and when rubbed on my skin, it is as miraculous as Vaseline, but smelled better.

Now I am honestly confused. There are two polar opposite camps founded in traditional nutritional science versus and the alternative and/or natural health movement.

I am trying to present both viewpoints, but I am open to what you think. Like many issues regarding nutrition, this one is completely in the air, and you find plausible arguments for both.

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Written by Dr. Romie on Aug 26, 2013
Mind-body Medicine Tags: HormonesNutritionWeight Loss
Photo: R. MUSHTAQ. Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Coronado, California

Of course I analyze everything. The neurologist in me makes my left brain go into overdrive. (See other blog post about left brain syndrome). I was writing the blog post about craving pancakes and the universe gave me a two for one deal. Cute flip flop boy actually texted to see if I was free this week. While he was complementing my curves and asking to see me again, I bluntly requested a date to go eat the best pancakes in town. Now all of a sudden the craving is a bit more calm (but not completely gone).

Why do we crave carbohydrates? There is sexy brain scan data showing that when men eat a large load of carbohydrates the addiction center of the brain lights up; yes the same one that lights up for drug addiction. And, yes brain scan data is sexy to me. But no, I don’t use that line with men; I have figured that much out.

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