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Let Go of 2016: Intentional Living in 2017
Written by Dr. Romie on Dec 30, 2016
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“Setting intentions means to set a goal that is alignment with our spirit. To live intentionally and mindfully, we start with a positive intention.”   Dr. Romie

My heart is full of gratitude that you shared your journey with me this past year. We may have met  online, at one of my speaking engagements, through Twitter, or through individual counseling.

I hold the intention that you have moved forward in your journey towards health, happiness and connecting to hope this past year.  

Have you had challenging moments, loss, or unexpected and uncomfortable shifts?  You are not alone.

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Why Positive Thinking Fails: What to Do Instead
Written by Dr. Romie on Jul 15, 2016
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My opening and closing statements of every lecture are:

“Your mind is strong medicine, choose a positive thought.”  

This meme is the most retweeted, shared, and favorite quote on social media every month.
This is the motto I personally live by, the motto by which I run my business, and the intention that carries me through healing my clients.

As I delve further into research for my upcoming book and signature corporate lectures, I am discovering that positive thinking alone has not been working for many of my clients.

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A Healer's Prayer: A Course In Miracles
Written by Dr. Romie on Apr 8, 2016
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The Healer's Prayer originates from the text of "A Course In Miracles."

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How to Create New Year's Resolutions That Work
Written by Dr. Romie on Dec 29, 2015
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Let me first state the obvious, the traditional method of setting New Year's resolutions does not work.

When I work with clients who are trying to achieve results, they quickly learn they are about to dig deep.  Do setting positive intentions or affirmations really work?  

I use the cluttered closet analogy. If I asked you for help in organizing my closet, would you just throw all my clothes and shoes on the floor and walk out? (Let me tell you, if you did this with my shoes we would have a problem).

To effectively organize my cluttered closet, I had to take out many of the items and look at them (reflection). I had to assess honestly if each piece is serving purpose in my wardrobe (receiving the lessons), Then I had to carefully prioritize what I needed and organize the pieces in a more effective way.

Creating intentions for the New Year is a process of cleaning out the cluttered closet of your mind.

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