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Written by Dr. Romie on Jan 5, 2016
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Resolutions? Word of the year? Intentions? Goals? SMART goals?

Now what?

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Healing & Counseling with Dr. Romie
Written by Dr. Romie on Jan 5, 2015
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"There is hope in healing. When we learn to conquer stress, we can create work-life balance and find joy in our lives. I guide clients to connect to inner peace despite external life chaos." -Dr. Romie

My Mission in Healing:

I want to bring hope back to your healing. My clients all share a similar story: successful professionals that have lost their way due to a health scare, a broken heart or a financial crisis. It manifests as stress-based diseases such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression or a stubborn muffin top. What is the real story? You don't feel like you are worthy? You don't know if you are good enough?  Or have you just lost hope for healing? I believe you can connect to inner peace despite life's external chaos. This is how we heal mind, body, and spirit.

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Mindful New Year for 2015
Written by Dr. Romie on Dec 29, 2014
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New Year's resolutions do NOT work.

Every year at this time, the same phrases are repeated.  "I will lose weight next year, exercise more, stress less."  Psychological studies show that 8% of the population will stick to their resolutions past January 31st of the same year.  Recently a trend of picking your "word of the year" has become trendy.  The words I have seen in exercises are largely positive like "peace" or "prosperity", but not very specific. The words are largely forgotten quicker than the newly purchased gym memberships.

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Celebrating 1 Year of Our Mindful Living Community
Written by Dr. Romie on Sep 4, 2014
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Written by Dr. Romie on Feb 24, 2014
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Photo: Mt. Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii Dr. Romie Mushtaq

This week, let our mantra be: “There Is Hope Within Me"
I was in that dark place for brief period; the dark place where I had lost all hope. The brief lapse of judgment came when I was sitting in my surgeon’s office several years ago. I was listening to someone on the team discuss the process of putting my affairs in order. I needed to think about disability insurance, multiple surgeries, and the possibility that I may have a rare autoimmune disease or cancer. It was all too much to process as the hope had just been sucked out of my heart.
Thankfully, in that moment I was flanked by my parents who announced to the surgeon, “we have complete hope.”  My surgeon repeated the same thing, he wants to start with one surgery and has complete hope that I will have recovery. Being surrounded by people who love you and being offered their hope is the fuel we need to find hope for ourselves. This is the magic behind hope. We may not always have it for ourselves, but we can always hold hope for others.  

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