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A Prayer For Peace
Written by Dr. Romie on Jun 25, 2015
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A Prayer of Peace

"May today there be peace within.
May you trust that you are exactly where are you meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. 
May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content with yourself just the way you are.
Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love.
It is there for each and every one of us."
-Author Unknown

This is one of my favorite prayers given to me by a great yoga teacher in a small town in Arizona where I used to live. I was going through a difficult transition deciding whether to leave traditional medicine. He read this prayer at the end of his class, and I have had it on my refrigerator ever since. (that was in 2012). To this day, I don't know if Mike realizes how sharing a prayer that brought him peace gave me comfort.  You never know how you will touch someone's life today.

Connect to your sense of inner peace and pass that on to whomever you encounter.

With a heartfelt prayer of peace,

Dr. Romie

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Mindful Mantra: Connect To Your Breath
Written by Dr. Romie on Aug 5, 2014
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This week, let our mindful mantra be: “Connect To Your Breath”

     When I first heard this phrase in yoga classes, meditation and breath workshops, I giggled.  As a physician, I thought it was silly to “connect to breath,” because we are breathing all day long, or we would not be alive.  Then as I deepened my meditation and pranayama practices, I realized the difference.  We are rarely aware of our breathing patterns.  Paying attention to our breathing patterns is a cornerstone of mindfulness-based practices.  As I advance my studies and understanding of the mind-body connection in healing, I discovered there is science behind the mindfulness and controlling our breathing.

     It is easy to be sitting in a zen space like a yoga studio or ancient temple in Thailand monitoring our breath.  I tried to welcome the practice into my daily life by adding meditation to my morning routine when I’d first wake up.  That would all fall by the wayside if the pager went off, or if I am up all night with a writing deadline.

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MINDFUL MANTRA: Hold The Vision & Trust the Process
Written by Dr. Romie on Jul 28, 2014
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This week, let our mantra be:  “Hold the Vision And Trust the Process”

     You hopefully have had a chance to rest your mind this past summer through a vacation, going away to a retreat, or even trying meditation.  At some point you had “the vision”.  This is that connection to an idea, inspiration, or a dream.  There is nothing more exciting than connecting to your vision, calling, or heart’s desire.  Then, frustration kicks in—how is it going to happen?  When?  And where will I find the funding, time, energy, or motivation to do this?

     I had that “go with the flow moment” when I finally saw the vision of me being on stage, speaking to crowds of 30 or 3,000 last year.  Public speaking was the one part of my traditional medical career that always gave me joy, even on the days I felt burnt out from my job.  I know, it is a unique situation.  Most people fear public speaking, but for me it was honestly a childhood dream.

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Mindful Mantra: Envision Success
Written by Dr. Romie on Jul 21, 2014
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This week, let our mantra be: “Envision Success”

This morning I write this week’s mantra in between packing my Jimmy Choos for a trip to Fargo, North Dakota. (They are props, really) I sit in gratitude thinking of all of my colleagues, friends, and business associates around the Central Florida area.  People have opened up their homes, businesses, yoga studios, and their hearts to allow me to practice my TEDx talk for TEDxFargo this coming week. 

If you have ever heard me speak, you may surprised to know that I do not memorize any of my lectures. I have an outline on my presentation slides or in my mind, and then I go with the flow. Preparation for giving a TEDx talk is a different journey.  You have less than 18 minutes to share your “ideas worth spreading”, so a different type of preparation is required.

In true Romie left-brained-fashion I was determined to rehearse my lecture at least 100 times before I left for Fargo, and I was using my lecture notes as a crutch. I was so worried that I would forget an important point, that to know one’s surprise I was getting stuck at the same place every time.  I would look up to the person watching script and get a verbal cue. Panic was engraved in my mind.  No one will be there to cue me on stage.  It was too easy to start creating a negative mindset envisioning all the ways I could fail, “what if I forget my speech, trip in my heels, or no one laughs…”

Have you done this to yourself before? You have set yourself up to fail before a big event like your wedding, a big presentation for work, an important race? Mindset is everything. You know that, I know that, we all know that. However, when we are stuck in a mind frequency of panic, anxiety, and fear, shifting our thoughts to a place of positivity may be an impossible task.  

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Mindful Mantra: I Follow My Dreams
Written by Dr. Romie on Jul 14, 2014
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This week, let our mantra be:  “I follow my dreams”

I’ve been see-sawing between a humbled state of self-reflection and giddiness the last couple of weeks.  At any given moment, I break out into a #HappyDance (and I admit without rhythm).  In less than two weeks I have the honor to share my message on the TEDx stage in Fargo, ND where the theme is “On Purpose”.  Goosebumps.

I’m not only humbled at the honor of the invitation, but how quickly the Universe works.  Less than one year ago, I was sitting in prolonged meditation and connected to a joyful feeling I experienced in the 7th grade in Mrs. Reed’s English class.  Mrs. Reed helped to foster my love for speaking and writing.  As a young child my she-roes were Connie Chung, Barbara Walters, and Oprah Winfrey.


Are you living your life purpose right now?  It is okay to say no, or maybe, or I am not sure.  I knew for years I was far off course, but didn’t feel like I was allowed to admit it.  We spend years obtaining education in a certain field, working at a particular company, and can feel stuck.      

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